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Regional Passport Agency

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Regional Passport Agency
Regional Passport Agency

Regional Passport Agency Overview

Welcome to our Regional Passport Agency informational page. We advise our users only to contact and appear at a regional center only if they have confirmed international travel plans within 14 days or require a visa in the next 30 days. Every regional passport agency requires you to appear in person with the proper required documentation, and an appointment is also required. Once you have your appointment you will wait on line, get a number at the information window and usually a passport agent will review your application at some point during the day. If you can prove your travel the regional agency issues passports usually the same or next business day based on departure date. Please view our map below and select a regional passport agency closest to your location.

Travelers who need to obtain their passports in a hurry will need to visit one of the regional passport agencies closest t them. Generally, these are people who needed to make plans to travel outside of the country on an emergent basis or because there is a life or death situation they need to attend to within two weeks. These people will need to take proof that they have these travel plans when they arrive at the regional passport agency to apply for their passports. The regional passport agencies will also accommodate people in the event that they have travel plans within four weeks and require a foreign visa.

Not every one of the regional passport agencies requires that its applicants fall under one of the two groups described above. Some of these agencies will serve those who will be traveling to a foreign country and have not made their travel arrangements yet. These people will want to contact the agency first to make sure they can obtain their passports from that particular office. In order to expedite these services, applicants who apply in person will need to pay an expedite fee in the amount of $60.

After determining that their needs can be met at a regional passport agency, applicants can call and make an appointment at the toll-free number 1-877-487-2778. This number will work for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each regional passport agency sets appointments for different times of the day but they generally schedule these appointments Monday through Friday. As they are located in federal buildings, they observe the federal holidays and do not schedule any appointments on these days.

All those who will be applying in person at the regional passport agencies in their areas will need to volunteer to go through a metal detector. The federal buildings where these agencies are located do not permit that visitors bring any sort of weapon onto the premises. Those who disregard this warning may face up to five years in prison along with a fine if convicted of this crime.

The regional passport agencies require that every applicant is present strictly at the time that the appointment is scheduled. They will not allow anyone to enter the office if they are more than 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment. Similarly, if they are more than 15 minutes late, they will not be served at all that day and will need to re-schedule their appointments.

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