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Post Office
Post Office

Post Office Overview:

The post office is the main way to apply for your passport. They will offer routine and expedited services. They are called acceptance agents. Not every post office is a verified acceptance agent. We urge you to visit our passport offices page to make sure you connect with the post office acceptance agent before showing up in person. Since the post office only goes by appointment only.

The acceptance agent will verify your documents and your identity. This process is called adjudication. They will verify the applicants Ds-11 for and required documentation including taking a passport photo should you not have one. They usually cost around $15. The acceptance agent at the post office will also charge a $25 acceptance agency fee to review your documents along with required government fees for your passport book or card.

Applicants only need to appear in front of the acceptance agent for new passports, lost passports, child passports. Applicants do not have to wait in line for a passport renewal. You can also download the application forms from our site to save the trip.

Once the acceptance agent verifies your documents they will take copies of your identification and proof of citizenship and ask if you want routine or expedited passport service. Routine service can take up to 4-6 weeks while expedited passport service can take 2-4 weeks. You can also use a registered passport courier service or a regional passport agency if you are traveling within the next two weeks.

Should you be visiting the post office to apply for your child’s passport? Remember both parents need to be present for adjudication along with the child unless one parent has completed a notarized parental consent form. Make sure you have a copy of the identification of the non-applying parent.

These offices do go by appointments only and sometimes it’s very tough to make one, or the time will not work with your hectic schedule. Some other options are getting your documents verified at a local county clerk or public library.