Will i get my old passport back if i renew by mail?

April 16, 2016 0

Sending in your old passport for renewal overview: Many people seem to have the same question about their passport renewal. Will they get their passport back when they send it in by mail? The answer is when you renew your passport you send in your expired or soon to be expired, passport for verification. The passport agency will then process your passport renewal and cancel your expired passport. You are also eligible at any time to renew your passport earlier than expiration. Applicants choose to renew early sometimes if there is a photo change, and the appearance has been changed significantly. We are not affiliated with any government agency

Need To Know About Your Expired Passport

April 6, 2016 0

Everything You Need To Know About Your Expired Passport What is an Expired Passport? Any passport that has gone over the expiration date listed on the passport qualifies it as expired. Consequently, this means you can not travel abroad nor apply for a travel visa until you get your passport renewed. Additionally, your passport may also need to be renewed even before the expiration date due to the ‘Six Month Passport Validity Rule’. Most countries now require that your passport has an expiration date that is, at least, six months after the last day of your international trip. How do We are not affiliated with any government agency