Second Duplicate Passport

Second Duplicate Passport
Second Duplicate Passport

 Second Duplicate Passport Overview:

The general rule is that US Passport holders can only possess one valid passport at a time. However, there are special circumstances where this rule can be bent. For example, sometimes passport holders need to submit their passports to a foreign government to get a visa. This process can sometimes take weeks, even months to complete. This means that the person who is waiting for their visa to be processed cannot travel to another country the whole time it is being processed. This is where the second passport comes in.

Another reason that someone may need another passport is when they are traveling between different politically sensitive countries. Some countries will not let someone in if they have stamps in their passport from certain other countries that they are in conflict with. To avoid this problem, passport holders can use two different passports for the countries that do not like each other.



Second Duplicate Passport Requirements:

For those that meet these special circumstances necessitating a second passport, then it is fairly straightforward to apply for it. The following documents will need to be submitted.

1. Form DS-82: This is the standard application form for a passport for those that have already held a passport at some time.

2. A signed written statement that gives the reason that a second passport is necessary. This statement must include something to the effect that if either passport is lost or stolen it will be reported immediately to the nearest US embassy or consulate.

3. Proof of citizenship must be provided, which usually takes the form of a certified birth certificate or a passport.

4. One recent passport-sized photo needs to be included.

5. The appropriate passport fees must be paid.

Once all five of these things are received, the passport will be processed. It can take several weeks for this to happen, so if time is of the essence it pays to use a passport expediting service. A second passport is different than a standard passport in one important way. A standard passport is valid for ten years, while a second duplicate passport is only valid for two years. It needs to be reapplied for every two years.

Government Fees:

  • Standard Adult Passport Book: $110.00
  • Expedited Fees (if applicable): $60

Complete the application:

Where to apply:

You can complete the DS-82 application online or hand write the application. You can mail your documents directly to the Passport Processing Center or use a third party service to help you process documents for faster service.

Routine Passport Service:

Routine passport service takes 4-6 weeks through your post office. You may also expedite your second duplicate passport for three-week service for an additional fee of $60.

Post Office:

  • Pick up an application at the post office or download the application here
  • Complete application with a black ink pen only, by hand
  • Submit 1 passport photo
  • Mail DS-82 application, passport photo, expired passport or soon to be expired passport, and a check or money order.

Mail the completed application to:

National Passport Processing Center
Post Office Box 90155
Philadelphia, PA 19190

It is strongly recommended that you mail your passport application and personal documents in an envelope large enough to fit the application without folding. Please do not use a standard letter-size #10 (4 1/8″ x 9 1/2″) envelope. This will help to protect the contents of your mailing from the elements throughout the delivery process.

Expedite Passport Service:

It is possible to get your passport faster than the routine service. You can also expedite through your local post office for the additional government fee of $60.

Write “EXPEDITE” clearly on the outside of the mailing envelope. Be sure to include the required government fees for the expediting service.  Mail the completed application and documents to:

National Passport Processing Center
Post Office Box 90955
Philadelphia, PA 19190

While the Post Office offers 3-week service, that may not be fast enough if you have upcoming travel plans. You can expedite using a private passport service. A ‘Registered Passport Courier Service’ may be able to secure your passport within 1 business day if necessary.

Another option to expedite your passport is through a Regional Passport Agency.


Expedite at Regional Agency:

There are Regional Passport Agencies in many major cities across the country. You can expedite your passport at a Regional Passport Agency if you can make an appointment within 14 days of your travel date. You may call to schedule an appointment at: 877-910-7277

You will need to bring all of the required documents listed above.

Additional Requirements:

These circumstances are different than someone that needs a second duplicate passport to replace one that has been lost or stolen. This is considered a new passport. If the old one happened to turn up at any point in the future, it would not be considered a valid passport.

Common Questions:

Q. Can I renew a second duplicate passport?

A. No. Each time it is a new application for a second duplicate passport. You will not be able to apply for a 10 year passport renewal with the second duplicate passport.