Fast Passports

Fast Passports
Fast Passports

Fast Passports:

Normally, the process of getting a fast passport through the post office can take as long as ten weeks. Unfortunately, many vacationers and business travelers do not have enough time to wait for the standard length of time for a passport and will instead need a 24-hour passport expediting process. These services allow clients to overcome the backlog associated with more typical passport services.

Fee Structure:

Many clients will provide passports in under a specific length of time. The sooner that the individual needs the passport, the more that the service will generally charge for a fast passport. Find out more about passport fees.

Different Services Available

These are more than one type of passport service available. Those who need a brand new passport will need to follow a different approach than those who are seeking out a passport for the first time. Those who have never received a passport or who have issued a passport when they were under 15 will need a new one, as will those who have not been issued a new passport for fifteen years. However, those who have issued a passport after they turned 16 will instead need a passport renewal.

Lost and Stolen Cards:

Other situations whereby an individual will need a new passport is if the passport was lost or stolen. Given that people can sometimes use passports to commit identity theft, it is important to have the lost or stolen passport reported as soon as possible.

Overnight Passports and Cards:

The fast passport expediting process will have the passport mailed overnight. Additionally, many 24-hour passport services also can help people receive a passport card, which is a document that can easily fit in a wallet and will allow travelers to enter the United States from selected countries, including Mexico and Canada. The passport card has been created so that residents of North American nations can more conveniently travel from one country to another with a more portable passport.

Choosing the Right Service:

When choosing a fast passport expediting service, it is important to make sure that the service is registered with the U.S. Department of State. The agency should also work closely with foreign consulates to help clients obtain visas into other countries.