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Child Passport Process Overview:

How the process works: When applying for a child passport, the applicant MUST appear in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility with both parents or guardians listed on the birth certificate. The applicant must take all required documents and be seen by an acceptance agent. The documents will then be reviewed by a federal official, and sealed in an envelope. After paying the acceptance fee, the forms and application will be mailed directly to the passport agency. If the applicant is traveling in 2 weeks or less, they will need to take the sealed envelope (including necessary Letters of Authorization) to an expedited service. Additional expedited service fees apply.

Who is eligible: Any applicant who is 15 years of age or younger, is a US citizen. Additional Requirements: The child passport cannot be renewed. It is considered a new child passport each time until the applicant can apply for an adult passport at 16 years of age or older.

Required Documents:

There are many required documents when applying for a child passport. It is imperative you have all these documents to have the successful issuance of your child passport.

  1. The primary form of identification: Preferably a valid US Driver’s license that has been issued more than 6 months from present date. Other acceptable forms of identification include valid government ID, naturalization certificate, or previous passport book.
  2. One passport photo (2” x 2”)
  3. Proof of US citizenship: These include either an original US birth certificate, certified copy of US birth certificate, original naturalization certificate, or a previously issued US passport.
  4. DS-11 form: This form must be signed and dated by the applicant, in front of a federal official at an authorized passport acceptance facility.
  5. Proof of international travel should you need an expedited passport within the next 2 weeks or 30 days if a visa is required.

Government Fees:

  • Passport book only: Application fee ($80) and acceptance agency fee ($25) = $105.
  • Passport book and card: Application fee ($95) and acceptance agency fee ($25) = $120.
  • Passport card only: Application fee ($15) and acceptance agency fee ($25) = $40.
  • Expedited service at an acceptance agency or regional passport agency, an extra $60 is required.

Complete The DS-11 Child Passport Application:

There are two options when trying to complete the child passport application form. You can complete the ds-11 form online with the state departments website and use the online passport wizard to create a 2D barcode application form or download a hard copy of the ds-11 application form and hand write in your information. It is advisable to go with the online passport application wizard as this may speed up your passport application

Where to Apply:

There are many options where to apply for your child passport depending on how fast you need the passport back in your possession. If you are not traveling soon the place to go to is your local post office, county clerk or library. They are called acceptance agencies and offer routine service 4-8 week processing as well as expedited processing to speed things up a bit in 2-4 weeks depending on the time of year. If you are traveling within the next 30 days internationally you might want to visit a regional passport agency or use a 3rd party registered courier service to secure the passport much faster

Common Questions:

Q: What if my drivers license has just been issued?

A: Drivers license and a non-drivers identification need to be issued for more than 6 months in order to be accepted as primary identification. Should this be a newly issued driver’s license you will want to submit as much supplemental identification as possible. Please visit our identification page to learn more about this topic.

Q: What if I cannot locate my birth certificate?

A: Having your birth certificate is vital to applying for a child passport. If you cannot find your birth certificate or only have the short form birth certificate, visit our proof of citizenship page to help you find more information on this topic.

Q: Do I need to schedule an appointment to get a child passport?

A: You will need an appointment for the child passport application when you appear at your local passport acceptance agency. This step is required. You are also required to have a passport appointment to visit any regional passport agency if you are traveling in the next 14 days.