Travel Proof

Travel Proof
Travel Proof

Travel Proof Overview:

Proof of international travel is mostly needed by applicants who are traveling internationally and need to use an expedited passport service.


Proof of international travel can consist of the following:

  • flight ticket or Itinerary.- this can be from an Airline or travel agent.
  • A business Letter-a typed company for abroad company Business trips. The letter must be on a letterhead with an original signature of a company official (not the applicant). The letter should include the customer’s name,date of departure,destination,mode of transportation and the purpose of the trip.
  • Bus Ticket if traveling to Canada or Mexico from the US

Common Questions:

Q: What if i do not have proof of international travel yet?

A: This can only affect you if you are using a Third party(expedited passport service) which will require you to supply proof of international travel within 2 weeks or sooner or 1 month if a Visa is needed.