Passport Fees

Passport Fees

Applying for a U.S. passport need not be difficult or inconvenient. Provided you have the documents and money to complete the process, and you allow enough time for your passport to arrive – normally six weeks — you will find that getting a passport is a simple, step-by-step procedure.

Types of Passports

Two types of passports are available: a card or a book. If you plan to travel abroad, you will need a passport book. The card is less expensive and easier to carry. but it is only valid for land crossings into Canada or Mexico, and sea ports of entry in Bermuda or Caribbean countries.

Passport Fees

All travelers must have their own passports, no matter how old they are. Those who are 16 years of age or older need adult passports while children under 16 get minor passports. The following table shows passport fee options associated with a U.S. passport application.

CardBookBook and CardExecution FeeFile SearchData/Name ChangeOptional:




Adult$30$110$140$25$150No charge$60$20.66
Minor$15$80$ 95$25$150No charge$60$20.66

As shown in the chart, each person can choose to purchase a passport card or book separately or both of them together. Since purchasing both does not save any money, the benefit of this option is mainly convenience.

The execution fee is required for new passports. It covers expenses involved in processing the application, paying the official who delivers the oath, verifying your identity and transmitting your forms.

You must pay the execution fee along with the passport fee when you submit your application. You must apply for your new passport in person, either at a post office, a county clerk’s office or another approved passport acceptance facility.

A file search fee applies only if you cannot provide proof of U.S. citizenship. A file search may turn up a passport you have held previously or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. Either document would verify your citizenship. If you lose your passport while traveling overseas, you will not have to pay a file search fee to get another copy.

Normally there is no cost to correct information or change your name on your existing passport within one year after you receive it. Fees may apply for changes after the first year has passed.

Cost to Renew Passports

The fees for renewing a current passport are as follows:

• Adult book: $110
• Adult card: $30
• Adult book and card: $140
• Minor book: $80
• Minor card: $15
• Minor book and card: $95

When you renew an adult passport, you do not have to pay an execution fee. However, when renewing a minor’s passport, you must pay $25 for processing.