Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements Overview

Today with the prevalence of airports and cruises, traveling from one country to another is a rewarding experience. However, traveling aboard oftentimes requires a passport. Passports have many uses, but there are some things to know when you go into the office to apply for one.

In order to receive a passport, you will need to be either a natural born citizen or non-citizen nationals. While rare, non-citizen nationals are anyone who are born in the outlying possessions of the U.S, ie Samoa Islands. Non-citizen nationals are also those born to two non-citizen nationals while traveling abroad, or those born to one non-citizen national and one alien.

Before you begin, you will need to fill out or bring in several documents. First, you will need to completely fill out the appropriate application form and submit any appropriate document, such as proof of identity, citizenship, name change forms, photos, and proof of a relationship between you and your children, if applicable. There are several things you need to keep in mind. If you are under sixteen years of age, or if your passport was issued when you were younger than that age, you will have to apply in person. Each person, no matter how old they are, need to have a passport. If the person has a photo ID, they need to present it. Otherwise, their guardians can present their own identification.

In addition, if your passport was lost, stolen or damaged, is more than fifteen years old or if this is your first time obtaining one, you need to go to the office directly. At any time you change your name before being able to report it, you will need to apply for another passport.

Often times, passports require a fee, but if you are working for the US, you are exempt from this fee. This also extends to dependents of those working for the US or even family members traveling aboard to attend the services of deceased soldiers. Make sure to contact the appropriate person within the organization from which you are applying.

If you are applying for a passport from outside the US, bear in mind that while much of the process will be the same, it will also be different, based on the country from which you are applying.

While the process of obtaining passports can be tiring and time-consuming, it is worth it when you consider the safety and security that is guaranteed with it just make sure to follow all the passport requirements.