DS-5504 Application for a Data Correction

DS-5504 Change Data On Passport
DS-5504 Change Data On Passport

DS-5504 Application for a Data Corrections

Because of recent changes to laws related to travel in the wake of 9/11, those traveling outside the United States need a valid US passport, even for travel to Canada or the Caribbean. These passports need to have correct information that corresponds to their other travel documents to avoid delays and other travel-related problems. Those needing to change information on their passport and those who need to extend the validity of a limited passport are required to fill out Form DS-5504, Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement Form.

The most common use of this form would probably arise from a name change. Frequently, women who take the name of their husband would need to fill out Form DS-5504 because of the change of their name. Also, those who legally change their name for any other reason would similarly need to complete Form DS-5504. This change is necessary to synchronize information between a passport, other identification and tickets for air travel.

Other people will need to fill out Form DS-5504 because of an error either on the part of the applicant or on the part of the person entering the data for the Department of State. An error on a passport can cause problems for people traveling by air who need to have their travel documents match perfectly. Form DS-5504 can correct any discrepancies in data due to error. Passports are frequently limited in their validity due to multiple losses of previous passport books.

There is no cost to file a Form DS-5504, unlike most other services related to passports. Those needing to extend their limited passport or change a name or erroneous data merely need to send in the form and their passport. The United States Department of State estimates that it will take an average of 30 minutes to fill out Form DS-5504. The application is quite similar to the regular passport application, and those who need to change their information more than 90 days after their passport was originally issued will need to submit a new passport photo.

The State Department moves these change requests to the front of their queue, so those who need to have a reissued passport will not wait as long as those who initially apply. Because of RFID technology, passports are no longer amended, so a new passport is necessary. Those who fill out Form DS-5504 will not receive their old passport booklet back from the State Department, unlike those who have expired passports.
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