DS-3053 Consent Form

DS-3053 Consent Form
DS-3053 Consent Form

Ds-3053 Consent Form Overview:

Getting a passport as an adult is not a terribly lengthy process as long as the correct forms are filled out, the required fee paid and the proper type of picture presented. When both parents are available to fill out a passport application for a child, things can go quite smoothly as well. Frequently, however, parents are divorced or have never married. At other times, one parent may have to work and have no easy opportunity to get away and sign the paperwork for a child’s passport application. There is a way around these problems.

Form DS-3053, Statement of Consent or Special Circumstances: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 16, is a form that is required in the above circumstances. The first thing that must be done to obtain a passport for a child under 16 years of age is the filing of Form DS-11, which is the standard application form for children under 16. Both parents must sign the DS-ll, which, as noted above cannot always be done easily. Form DS-3053 makes allowance for these circumstances and is filed in addition to Form DS-11.

Form DS-3053 must include a notarized signature that verifies the identity of the person signing. The parent or guardian who signs this form must affirm his or her consent that they approve of the minor under consideration obtaining a passport. Form DS-3053 also includes a section that requires a narrative of the special circumstances that explain why the parent or guardian cannot be present to apply for the child’s passport. This explanation is followed by an oath that declares the veracity of the parent or guardian’s statement and a signature line for this oath.

Applying for a child’s passport can be more difficult than the process for getting an adult passport. To successfully file Form DS-3053, the non-applying parent or guardian must complete and sign the form. After filling out the form in its entirety, the statement of consent must be notarized on the same day and submitted with a copy of the non-applying parent or guardian’s photo identification. Those who merely need a statement of special circumstances do not need to go through the process of notarization. Finally, the completed and notarized Form DS-3053 must be mailed to the State Department with a completed Form DS-11 and the necessary fees. Like other new passports, the expected wait time is approximately six weeks, although this time can be expedited with an additional payment.


  • DS-3053 consent form
  • Copy of the front and back of valid license or passport with 6 months validity
  • Fee varies depending on the Notary the Applicant goes to

Government Fees:

  • Standard Minor Passport Book (Under 16): $80.00
  • Standard Minor Passport Card (Under 16): $15.00
  • Standard Minor Passport Book & Card (Under 16): $95.00
  • Expedite FEE Adult and Minor:  $60.00
  • Acceptance Facility Fee: $25.00

Download the form:

Download the DS-3053 Form

Where to process:

The DS-3053 form along with a copy of identification of the non-applying parent will be presented to an acceptance agent by the apparent parent to be sealed along with the required documents for a New Child Passport.  Refer to the following link for acceptance agents near you : Learn more at where to apply

Important Note:

In some circumstances if written consent of a non-applying parent cannot be obtained the apparent parent can complete a DS-3053 form and write a letter explaining the circumstances

Common Reasons for a DS-3053 form

  • Parents have joint custody of a child
  • Parent cannot appear in person at an acceptance facility
  • One parent lives in another state or overseas
  • One parent is incarcerated