DS-11 New Passport Application Form

DS-11 New Passport Application Form
DS-11 New Passport Application Form

DS-11 New Passport Application Form Overview:

First-time applicants both adults and children applying for a new passport, lost, stolen passport book must fill out the ds-11 new passport application form and all required documents. The applicant must appear in person at an acceptance facility or regional passport agency will all documents, and they will be reviewed by a federal official. This process is called passport adjudication in which there is identity verification and document verification so your passport can be issued. Adults 18 years and older appear in person with the required documents and do not need an identifying witness unless they do not have primary identification. Children age 16 and younger applying for a new passport must appear at the acceptance agent with both parents. If one parent cannot come with the child the parent must complete a DS-3053 consent form giving the other parent the authority to apply on their behalf. There are over 30 plus questions on the DS-11 application form and the estimated burden to complete the application form is about 45 minutes. You can request a 28-page passport book and or passport card on this application or you can select a 52-page book if you are a frequent traveler.

Question on the DS-11 Application:

It is imperative to complete the DS-11 New Passport Application as thoroughly as possible so you avoid having your passport rejected by the U.S. Department Of State.

  • Full name and correct spelling
  • Social security information
  • Parents information
  • Marriage/Divorce information
  • Descriptive date age, height, sex, eye color
  • Emergency contacts
  • Travel information

Application Requirements:

  • DS-11 Application Form
  • Original Birth Certificate (Born in the USA)
  • Original Naturalization (Not born in the USA)
  • Driver’s license valid longer than 6 months if child parents identification
  • 2 passport photos (size 2 x 2)
  • Money order or check paid to the US Dept of State
  • Money order or check for the acceptance facility
  • Copy of Itinerary (Tickets, Hotel reservation, Company letter with letterhead)
  • Only expedite service you have to be traveling within (14) days International
  • If have old passport book, please submit it
  • Must sign your application in front of an acceptance agent

Government Fees:

  • Non-expedite service fee adult = $110
  • Non-expedite service fee child =
  • Non-expedite service for a passport book and card fee = $140
  • An expedited service fee = $170
  • An expedited service for a passport book and card fee = $200
  • Acceptance facility fee = $25

Complete DS-11 New Passport Application:

There are two options when completing your passport application. You can choose to complete the form online with the government’s online form wizard, or you can choose to download a hard copy of the application form to complete by hand. We offer our users both options.

Where to Apply:

There are many options to apply for a new or replacement passport. Please visit our where to apply section for more details on processing options and turnaround times.

Common Questions: