Passport Applications

Passport Applications
Passport Applications

Passport Applications Overview:

There are many passport application forms available when applying for a U.S. Passport and to be honest, some of them can be very confusing. We will outline all there different passport application forms available for use to get you through this windy road so let us get started.

Primary Application Forms:

  • DS-11: New Passport Application for adults and children
  • DS-82: Passport Renewal Application
  • DS-5504: Change Descriptive Data Application

Supplimental Forms:

  • DS-64 Lost/Stolen Passport Application
  • DS-10: Birth Affidavit
  • DS-3053: Consent Form
  • DS-86: NonReceipt of Passport
  • Ds-5525: Family Special Circumstances

Passport Applications Forms in detail

The United State’s government relies mainly on paperwork for almost everything that they do, and getting or maintaining a passport makes no difference. A passport application form helps an individual in getting a new passport as well as renewing an old one. Choosing the right passport application form and completing it correctly can mean the big difference between a fast passport application and a prolonged one.

Below is a list of different passport application forms and a short description for each of them. It is important to bear in mind that when filling out any passport application form, make sure to write your information legibly and use blank ink. Do not sign the form until you took an oath in front of the authorized passport acceptance agent.

DS-11 Form

The DS-11 form is used for first time or new passport applications, if the last passport was obtained when you were below 16 years old, if your last passport was issued over 15 years ago, and if your current passport was stolen or lost. The latter also requires you to fill out the DS-64 form and submit it together with the DS-11 form.

DS-82 Form

The DS-82 form is used for the renewal of your passport through mail. Using this form requires you to meet certain criteria. You can fill out this form online through an Adobe Reader application. It can also be downloaded for your convenience. However, if this form is not correctly filled out, there is a high possibility that your passport application will be denied. Nevertheless, this form comes with a guide containing all instructions and procedures that can also be downloaded on your computer.


The DS-5504 is typically used by those who are applying for data change on their valid passport. Keep in mind also that making changes to your passport can only be done within one year from the date of issuance. One most frequently requested change is the name change. This form needs to be accompanied with a proof of name change such as a marriage certificate.


The DS-4085 form is used to apply for more pages that you want to be attached to your valid passport. It can only be filed by the passport owner in any passport acceptance facility. It is also important to remember that the State Department’s Passport Service facility no longer issues a 48-pages passport but can add pages to it.