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Passport Offices New York

Obtaining a U.S. passport is a relatively simple process, but you do need to provide specific documentation and apply with enough time for your passport to be processed. Every major city in New York has a location that offers passport services, although some cities only have a passport acceptance office. If you are in a hurry, you will want to locate a regional passport office instead.

Necessary Documentation

In order to apply for a passport, you must submit multiple items to a passport office. In addition to clearly and completely filling out the passport application, you will also need to provide your proof of U.S. citizenship, your proof of identity and two photos. To prove your citizenship, you should use either your U.S. birth certificate or a Naturalization Certificate. Your proof of identity can be a valid driver’s license, your current passport, your certificate of citizenship or your Naturalization Certificate. Although you do not need to provide a copy of your social security card, you will need to know your social security number while you are filling out the DS-11 passport application form.

Requirements for Passport Photos

When you turn in your documentation you will also be asked for two passport photos. Some offices can take the photographs for you, but this will be more expensive than going elsewhere. The law requires the photos to be 2 inches by 2 inches. Both photos must be identical, feature a plain off-white or white background and be less than six months old. The guidelines state that you cannot wear anything that covers your head or part of your face. Your face needs to be captured from the top of your head to your chin, and it must fill no less than one inch but no more than one and 3/8 inches of the overall photograph.

Where can I Obtain a Passport?

As previously mentioned, there are two different types of passport offices. You can go to a passport acceptance office, such as a post office or a library, if you are not in a rush. If you need your passport quickly, however, you should definitely go to a regional passport office. Most passport applications that are filed at a regional passport office will be processed within 14 days, and rush services are available for those who need them. There are several regional passport offices in New York, and they are typically in large cities.

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