Expedited Passport

The Best Methods to Get Your Expedited Passport

Whether a spur of the moment vacation or an important and impromptu business meeting overseas, having a current and updated passport is critical. However, many travelers simply ignore this critical detail and let their passports expire. Usually, most people forget till the last minute then have to apply for an expedited passport.

This misstep can cause further travel anguish as the normal processing time for both new and renewed passport is several weeks. No one wants to throw away their dream vacation on this simple detail. The best way to obtain an expedited passport or renew your expired one is through the passport expediting the process. There are several proven methods that will ease your nerves and get you that critical document before you board your flight or even cruise ship.

The most reliable way to get your passport expedited is through the US State Department online. The State Department has all the critical documents that need to be completed and easy step by step instructions on how to fill them out properly. By including a processing fee, typically about sixty dollars on top of the normal application fee, you can have your passport delivered a full week or two weeks more quickly than through the normal channels. In this case, always make sure to mail your documents via a traceable method, such as UPS or FedEx, otherwise, you will have no proof of delivery if you need to follow up. Do not ignore that small detail!

Expedited passport via mail is great for shaving valuable weeks off of processing time. However, what if you have to travel within two weeks and absolutely need to have it as soon as possible? Fear not! The State Department has passport agencies in many major cities where you can make an appointment and get it even quicker. The State Department website even provides a phone number where you can make an appointment at any hour of the day. Be warned, though, as you must bring proof to the agency that you have critical travel within two weeks. You can accomplish this proof by printing out your airline e-ticket or email itinerary. You must also be sure to bring all relevant documents, such as your birth certificate and Social Security card if applying for a new passport.

Clearly, using either the State Department website or one of their satellite agency offices, you will have no trouble getting your expedited passport quickly, saving valuable time in the process.